In the last few years Sony has decided to undertake a fairly decisive market strategy, producing its own securities (and not as in the past relying on external software houses) and has to be honored, the results obtained were really good, just think of the latest securities as Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted, Last of Us or even the much discussed The Last Guardian.

But if there is something that is currently lacking in the stock of products produced by Sony in a direct way it is a J-RPG of great thickness that can accommodate many enthusiasts of the kind who have remained an orphan of quality games in recent times.

Precisely on this subject, the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia, Atsushi Morita and the president of the Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, they wanted to say their during the National Entertainment Festival of Gifu, Japan.

Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Worlwide Studios

Good company presidents, the one to whom Morita e Yoshida they look at is above all the profit and therefore, given the substantial increase in the costs for the development of video games, the Sony has decided to focus heavily on projects that would ensure some success on a global scale.

But since several games with clearly Japanese targets are having success also abroad, there could be an interest on the part of Sony in the first-party production of a J-RPG, although at the moment there are neither confirmed nor denied.

However Sony it's so kind as it was the 1997 and very little on the console market with the ever too acclaimed Playstation 1, welcomes for the first time a title belonging to a genre that until then had been flaunting in his native land, but had never broken in the western market: Final Fantasy VII (in co-production with Squaresoft, what we know today Square Enix)

For many, the love for J-RPGs is born with this screen

We all know how it went, the success it had (deservedly) and from that moment on J-RPG (Japanese Role Playing Game that had the characteristic of having a turn-based combat in which one could select a different skill or use of objects from time to time) proliferated having a real golden age (not just the subsequent episodes of final Fantasy, but we also think of titles like Xenogears, Alundra, Pokémon and many others), also leading the way for a sub-genre like that of Tactical RPG, even more niche, which are among their own masterpieces like Final Fantasy Tactics (maybe even the best game of the genre) or Tactics Ogre, in addition to the early apparitions in the West of the franchise of Fire Emblem.

But like all the golden ages, sooner or later they have to end and they have not escaped this rule either J-RPG, that with the arrival in the market of Action RPG of the highest level, they started to lose appeal and convince some publishers to abandon the classic system “Turn-based”Of their games to explore new solutions (just think of the Square Enix who made a first experiment with Kingdom Hearts and, having seen the success, continue to produce such titles, to transform the saga of final Fantasy in a Action RPG with the XNUMth chapter, although already in 13esimo already had something different in gameplay from previous episodes).

And so all the big software houses have more or less gradually abandoned a genre that has led, in the case of many of them, to success and luck, to follow the market trend that saw an increasingly younger public gain access to the video game market ( with the widespread use of consoles, but also of PCs) and therefore a demand for more titles "instinctive" it's less "reasoned“, Leaving the market for the second-tier or independent publishers J-RPG (or maybe develop them on different consoles such as the two bravely su 3DS).

The real successor to Final Fantasy is Bravely's saga

Fortunately, fashions have historical courses and recourses and the video game market is not immune to this "rule". As already mentioned before, in the last few years a lot of titles thought maybe more for the Japanese market (just think of 4 person e 5 person, but also to the last 3 chapters of Fire Emblem) have also been unexpected for our part.

Let it be the beginning of a new flourishing era for the J-RPG and its subordinates? In much hope and Sony, to consolidate its position as a leader in the gaming market will, in my opinion, be surely ready to take advantage of it.