Warner Bros. announced that Middle-earth: Shadow of War will have loot boxes.

Within the game there will be a store, called "The Market"(Originality is wasted), where you can buy loot chest, war chest, boost for XP and other miscellaneous items.

I loot chest they will contain equipment, in the form of weapons and armor of various rarity, and may also contain boosts for XP which will serve to level the playable character Talion.

in war chest instead we will find orcs of various rarities that will improve our army and, similarly to the loot chest, will have items that will serve to level and customize orchid followers.

For the purchase of these items we will have two different currencies to use: Mirian o Gold.

I Mirian they are a captive currency in the game by defeating special orcs, destroying equipment, destroying orchestras for equipment that will then be destroyed for Mirian, or just by finding Miriam's reserves in the game to be plundered.

I Gold instead we are the type of currency we will use for all top-level items (starting from loot chest ending at war chest and all you can find in the store). Obviously, this currency will be affordable through real money or will be given (in small quantities) once particular goals have been achieved or by participating in the challenges of the community.

Community that rightly has already raised against Warner Bros. accusing the company of wanting to lucre in a shameless way by adding to a game that will be sold at full price. From this point of view you have to point out as the same Warner Bros. he clearly wanted to specify that nothing that can be acquired through the Gold will not be able to play it Shadow of War. The purchasing system through Gold (who say that we will partly get it free while we play) simply serves to speed up the acquisition of many items in the game.

La Monolith is basically giving a short cut to lazy players who, instead of wanting to "waste time" completing a quest, assaulting fortresses or simply "grinding" a little more, want everything and immediately.

I personally do not see the need to include such a currency in a single player game since this type of purchase is often required in the market for mobile gaming in the famous games "free to play, pay to win"To climb and get to the top of the multiplayer PVP Leaderboard, but since no one works for free, in this case, all is justified by the fact that these games are, in fact, free to play and therefore without the store in game would be able to generate revenue.

Shadow of War instead, as mentioned above, it will be a fully sold stock and therefore it is totally useless to think that we have to (or want to spend more money to enjoy the game, not happy now that we find ourselves paying anything and getting more and more often having an incomplete initial product (we think of all titles that only make sense after taking 1 or 2 DLC for payment).

The community manager of the Monolith Jared tried to disguise this attempt to win on players with a simple phrase:

"It's an option for players. Feel free to play as you like"

Always Jared assures the game is absolutely usable at the 100% without the use of the "The Market"And that at the moment we have not yet decided what it will cost in real money to buy Gold.

All the hype that was mounted for me Middle-earth: Shadow of War it quickly faded (inversely proportional to the speed with which i Gold will help to get the best out of this title), which is really disappointing as all of the preview and promises made so far give the idea of ​​a truly remarkable game.

And you would spend some money in that way?