I am the Accattino and I pretend to be a "sparagnino". Sit as a son, I must first tell you a beautiful story.

There was a time when a graphic adventures made him a master, and although it may seem strange to young people, there was a software house, Lucas Arts. Everything, or almost, what he produced was virtually gold-cast. These productions today are more than ever idolized by the army of Peter Pan still tied to them.

Set 7 years after the events of M, the game assumed a new connotation in the gameplay of the era, with very humorous tones and an artistic approach very close to the cartoons, probably thanks to these two factors combined with ever-fantastic textures, at the same time as the most beautiful games ever.

Not enough, it's hot, it's over, so I know you're here for the free base, here for yours Accattino.

My dear Sparagnosauri, to get the free game you just have to go, having to be logged in with your Prime account, on Twitch.tv and click on the top right hand chuck to redeem Day of the Tentacle Remastered in your account. Obviously the game must be installed through the Twitch desktop application. To get the game you need to be subscribed to Amazon Prime (linking the Twitch account you will automatically receive the first one also on the latter) or directly subscribe to Twitch Prime. I remind you that Twitch.tv has been acquired by Amazon.

Obviously, the game you will get is the remastered version released in the 2016 by Double Fine, below you will find the screenshot that will show you where to click to redeem. Hurry up because FREE does not wait, you'll have time until August 9!

Thanks again for the affection you show me every time, keep on spread the verb and ... next Accattinata!

Click on the image to be redirected to the Twitch.tv page