Difficult days in the Niantic home after the flop of this, now infamous, first Pokémon Go Fest. The event, which was held in Chicago on July 22, was to inaugurate the long-awaited introduction of the first legendary Pokémon Go. In addition, the participants were provided with the possibility of obtaining perks, exclusive content etc. Paying, obviously, the entrance cost about 20 $. Anyway, nothing scary. Niantic has promptly announced not only the refund of the entry, but also the equivalent of 100 $ in PokéCoins in gift for each participant. Participants might have preferred to spend a different day, but this unjust rule can not be considered. Not everyone knows that the event was broadcast live streaming: what came out could only be exhilarating (for us).

Someone, however, is not content.

Here are the first complaints. Although the Niantic intervention tended to be positive, for some it did not seem enough. Especially for those who, to participate in the Pokémon Go Fest, have come from other American regions or even from other states. The attorney is the one to carry out the requests of this group of people and to act as spokesperson Thomas Zimmerman. It is precisely Zimmermam that is explained in a 'interview with Polygon: "What was promised, the incentive with which people booked the flight to Chicago and managed their presence, was misleading. Some came from Japan. Niantic will have to reimburse these expenses for the trip ".
Reasoning in certain respects, for others perhaps exaggerated. Curious to see how the law will be expressed.

And while everyone is "screaming", Niantic enjoys it.

That's right. While no one wasted time to remark how much the Pokémon Go Fest went wrong and, in general, as Pokémon Go was slowly disappearing, here comes the data I do not expect. The 23 July, the next day at the Fest and the legend's first release day, the Niantic fired. In a single day he has reached the absurd figure of $ 5,8 MLN earnings, beating the record held earlier than the release date of the app.
What to say, there are no flops or negative judgments that they hold: the "few" coaches left do not care and they absolutely must catch Articuno and Lugia. Literally at any cost.