As a title, Maxis and Electronic Arts are literally comfortable. After "alone" three years since its release for PC, The Sims 4 has been officially announced for consoles as well. Precisely Ps4 and XBOX One. When? The date is already certain: 17 November. For the console version, a special trailer was also presented, which is as follows:

We do not have to explain anything about The Sims.

However, we can tell you what versions and what the The Sims 4 will handle on consoles. As you will know, the PC version has come up with numerous expansions and packages. Although not specific, EA wanted to specify that the console version will include "many" of the additional content that has already been released. What we are sure about is that the versions are two: Standard and Deluxe. Both have the same bonus pre-order, containing the "Perfect Patio Stuff" decoration package. The Deluxe, in addition to the various extra in-game content, will have access to the game three days earlier, already from the November 14. Finally, EA Access members will be able to start playing 5 days well before the world release, so from the 9 November 2017. Satisfied?