The summer has wrapped us in his infernal hood (it's over a week I do not see the thermometer under the 27 degrees, even the night) and because of this heat you can not sleep.

At that point does the video game player do that? The fan comes on (the lucky ones are a real conditioner), they put themselves in front of their gaming station (PC, PS4, XBOX, 3DS, Switch, Vic 20... we are not racist) and they play.

They play so much that they find themselves having finished all that they had in arrears, rewinding several times the same title in order to platinum or unlock all achievements.

But fortunately, although the gaming world is practically on holiday, not everything is lost. Here is a list of the major games out there July.

Final Fantasy XII - Zodiac Age (11 July - PS4)

Final Fantasy XII Collector
The Exaggerated Collector of Final Fantasy XII - The Zodiac Age

Let's start with a title that many of us expect with trepidation. Final Fantasy XII was the watershed in the franchise of final Fantasy which started to give more turn to its titles. The triggering system that allowed its team to fight virtually automatically has upset many of the ferocious fans, but at that time also approached many curious who had never been interested in the saga because they were intimidated by the RPGs in turns. This remaster has been redesigned based on Japanese version of Final Fantasy XII which corrected one of the biggest defects in the game, the same skillet for all characters, using a more varied licensing system, thus giving further depth to customization of characters (which has always been one of the strengths of the saga) . Even game balancing in the main storyline has been re-evaluated, making it slightly simpler, but a Trial Mode which will allow 100 combat with our party that should be a fair challenge for any hardcore player. In addition to the eye-catching graphic design, there are also small changes to handling loading and moving.

Splatoon 2 (21 July - Switch)

For my misfortune (or luck, it depends on the points of view) I did not have one Wii U, but anyone who put his hands on me has always woven the praises of the first Splatoon. For those who did not know it (but I think they will be really few) we're talking about one multiplayer shooter super colorful and super-viscous. In fact, players will have to face themselves match 4 vs 4 controlling strange polypoid beings that will try to eliminate each other by shooting (of course colored) ink on it. Practically the formula of the first Splatoon has been left unchanged (but on the other hand the winning team does not change), with little additions that improve what was good had already been done with the first chapter. The most important was the implementation of the ability to play multiplayer locally and through the portability of the switch, you can organize challenges everywhere and every time (as well as online) with your friends. The assumptions say that we could find ourselves in front of a very probable one Killer Application.

Ehy Pimkin (28 July - 3DS)

Ehy Pimkin will be one of those titles that, as usual in recent years, will change how to play a saga with well-established mechanics. It goes from a gameplay designed to be a real-time strategy to a real one action / platform game with many puzzle elements. To emphasize this change is above all the choice of the game view that will abandon the classic position behind Captain Olimar, moving on a side plan as in the most classic platform game. The purpose will be to recover the ship's pieces with which it crashed on the Dolphin 2 planet and in the meantime save as many more Pimkin possible (which CASUALLY inhabited this planet lost in the cosmic nothingness). THE Pimkin will be an active part of the game because each color matches different characteristics useful to the completion of the levels (and it seems that the Amiibo will allow them to have Pimkin extra, with new skills).

Other titles

In July the following titles will also be released (of which I leave the trailers clicking on the name):

Fable Fortune (11 July - Xbox One, PC) 
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles (18 July - PS4)
Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy (20 July - iOS, Android)
Fate / Extella: The Umbral Star (25 July - Switch)
Pyre (25 July - PS4, PC)
Danganronpa Another episode: Ultra Despair Girls (27 July - PC)