During the pre-show performed by Sony before the official conference, despite being a "minor event", some goodies have arrived. First the release date of Knack 2, then the announcement that you do not expect: the RPG indie has now become cult, Undertale, will arrive this summer too on PS4 and PSVita!
Sony then wins a good shot, which will attract many fans of the title (like all the exclusive) being the only console to have it.

Undertale will be available both in digital and in two retail versions: Standard and Collector's Edition (of which prices have not yet been unveiled). The Standard Edition will contain, in addition to the game, an 24 page artbook. The Collector's Edition, instead, in addition to having a special box, it will contain the soundtrack and a cute pendant-shaped carillon. A must have for saga fans and collectors.
Currently both versions are bookable online only on fangamer.com, site that is postponed from the official site of the game.
Find out all the information in the exhilarating presentation video: