During the last night 's conference, which opened the triplet of the three console manufacturers'E3 2017, Microsoft has given a name, a face and a price to its new gaming platform. New, if so we can define it, as this is an even better version of it Xbox One. Project Scorpio from now on it will be called Xbox One X, the next will be launched 7 November at the price of 499 € and will make 4K its strength. Below, before the ad trailer in which "The most powerful console ever created" is officially shown, the features of Xbox One X.

  • Unlock 6 teraflop graphics processing power for unprecedented gaming performance.
  • Do not miss a frame with a memory bandwidth of 326 GB per second.
  • Optimize gaming performance with super fast GDDR5 graphics memory from 12 GB.
  • Let it be brought into worlds created for gaming in 4K, where action comes to life thanks to 2160p frame buffers.
  • Enjoy bright, shadowy, and high-gloss graphics with High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Color Gamut (WCG).
  • Try an excellent sound to feel at the center of 3D spacecraft.
  • Play streaming and play game clips with 4K resolution at incredible speeds of 60 frames per second.
  • Retro compatibility with all Xbox One games and accessories
  • The smallest Xbox ever

Xbox One X (ex Project Scorpio)