Nintendo. Switch. Joy and pain we have noticed since launch. Even today we have the usual bitter pill and confetti, but the question is that it is a taste that will surely be totally subjective, but not because we are used to complaining about everything now.

So let's start from the online.

Nintendo is proving to be less grabbing than its main "competitors"
Nintendo is showing less grungy than its main "competitors"

As reported by official sources (in the link you will find the Nintendo overview), the online gaming service for Switch will be launched at start 2018 with prices, in our opinion, all in all affordable. We talk about 3,99 € for 1 Month of subscription, 7,99 € for 3 months and finally 19,99 € for 12 months (1 year ndr).

Including the subscription will also be the program "Selection of Classic Games"Which, like the online services offered by other consoles, will allow us to play some great classics Nintendo for free (Accent intensifies) For example Super Mario Bros. 3, Balloon Fight e Dr. Mario.

Nothing excludes the extension of the program to other Nintendo classics such as titles SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) etc. in a possible future.

The interesting point of the question remains that the aforementioned games in theory NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), will support any multiplayer (it was not exactly specified whether online or not, but I suppose no). The nostalgic operation is therefore the right cherry on the cake of an offer not too expensive.

But let's go now to examine the online mole, the voice chat.

Adapters, adapters everywhere
Adapters, adapters everywhere

I would point out that,summer 2017 will be issued the 'app beta necessary to use voice chat. You read well. App, or you will have to rely on ours smartphone to talk to our friends during the squatter wars of Splatoon 2.

Here's the practical adapter
Here's the practical adapter

Basically, the audio of the game will be sent by Switch, the audio of the chat will be sent / received by smartphones and both signals will have to go through a special and very little practical adapter to lead the signal up to the official headphones of which you can find an image at the bottom of the article.

Face Nintendo, you want to take the road to Apple and also start with the adapters? Ok you want to sell your own products etc, but have the ability to use normal earbuds as it happens on PS4 it would not have been bad at all, but add even this adapter is a lot meh.

There is nothing more to add; as said at the beginning, if in the beginning we talked about something good, we have finished malino, the only consolation is that the official headphones will be usable as aesthetic item ingame.

The cool ingame headphones
The cool ingame headphones

Ben small consolation in my opinion.