Welcome to your dear spariggaurist Accident, as you can guess from the text I will definitely not talk about My Little Pony free in this flash base, but of Crazy Taxi, a title that made us entertain from the far 2000, the year of its conversion to SEGA Dreamcast, the quality of porting is definitely good, the game funnyly fun.

In this jewelery from Accattino, you will have to do more than pull the people to mission, basically from point A to point B. To read it looks so ugly, but believe me, give it a chance.

Below the video you will find another bonus game to redeem on Steam.

The second game I did not deal with in video for issues of time and fever is Rising Storm Game of the Year Edition, totally clenched by Humble Store and redeemable on Steam. Here is their lord the LINK. Eye for you Rising a few hours are missing!

Now I can go back to fever in bed, I stood up just to make you revive this old school Style Accent and save you these 20 €.