After a beautiful first day, we've come to the second as well last chapter of this Svilupparty!
Exposed and playable projects have changed and we had to try them practically all again. Like the previous day, pixel art and 2D make you masters, with results that alternate high power sparking powers with great boredom and repetition. We come to this and start with the titles that, while exploiting 2D and / or pixel art, have failed to abusive by developing original but above all fun ideas.

Houdini: The Grand Magus: first project for LifeLit Games where we will have to earn the title of a great magician. Such as? Killing the other aspirants! To do this, we will have to free ourselves by pressing the sequence of keys that will appear on the screen. Who will be able to do it first, I can shoot the other. Guaranteed fun if played in local multiplayer with a friend. Typical example of an idea so successful that it does not need anything else. You can download the last build here.

Emigrant Song: perhaps the title that most fascinated me in these two days. Gabriele and Agnese, the guys from Vanth Studios, explained to me the intent of the game: talking and raising awareness on the issue of immigration. Such as? Telling the story of an Italian emigrant in America in the first half of the '900. But not in any way and obvious: the music (from which the brilliant title with quote of Led Zeppelin) played on the street will be our common thread. We will then find ourselves playing, with our keyboard, songs like the tarantella and 'O sole mio with the mandolin of the protagonist. Of course it will not be easy and not everyone could do it. Here, therefore, that alternative routes to survival may appear: from black jobs more or less underpaid to organized crime. The choice will be ours only. A brave, political and damn modern game.


Hard Times - Hard Times: also in this case we are talking about social problems present and rooted above all in Italy. With an elementary and perhaps improvable graphics, Tempi Duri "It is an urban survival videogame in which one goes in the guise of a homeless person, forced to struggle to survive in an indifferent city." The project recently entered Steam Greenlight and you can vote here. We will definitely do it.


The Quest of Yumkaax: let's move to the 3D and the Unreal Engine 4. The guys at Ducks in a Row have given life to an original concept with great potential: we will find ourselves having to climb all the levels of a ziggurat, solving environmental puzzles and riddles, in order to reach the top floor where we can meet and face the god Yumkaax. Surely still unripe, we will be happy to follow the developments.

Special mention they deserve the well-known ones RIOT - Uncivil Rest e Slaps and Beans, two of the most anticipated titles in the Italian scenario.
Expect something from Fraws ...

That said, we are. It is time to unveil the winner of the "Talk about Video Games" prize. The choice was difficult but in the end we came to a conclusion. We have seen so many titles in this Svilupparty but only one could win. We decided to reward the consistency and pertinence of the graphics with the title they wanted to propose, as well as the accuracy of lights and other technical subtleties.
So here's the Svilupparty 2017 the winner of the award-winning "PDV" graphics was Mutant Chronicles: Luna City, to which we renew our compliments. The title is on the right track and we hope that these awards will spur even more.


From Bologna's Svilupparty is everything, see you at the next fair! W Italian videogames.