Here we are Bologna! After meeting us at the central station with Fraws, We're talking about Video Games is finally ready to land at Svilupparty! Once you get to the 11 fair, let's get started right away! 

Let's start, since he deserves it in a particular way, with a brief description of the place. The Cinema of Bologna is, in fact, a place full of surprises. Do not get fooled: while suggesting its proximity to the movie world (containing valuable goods of incalculable value), the name is tremendously limiting. The movie theater is actually a multifunctional and fully equipped space: it not only offers dvds and movies an indefinite amount of video games, but it also makes it possible to view / play them in the appropriate rooms. In Rome, something like that, I still have to find it. 


Now let's move on to the substance of Svilupparty. By holding strictly independent productions, it is inevitable that dominate are games in 2D. However, there were no sparks of Unreal Engine 4 and interesting VR productions.  After looking at virtually every single title, I will list, summarizing briefly, those that in our opinion have been the most remarkable games on this first day of Svilupparty!

Willy Morgan: the guys of imaginarylab have given life to a classic tip and clicka with riddles that are not at all obvious. Enjoyable graphics with a hint of retro! screenshot051

Laika 2.0: honestly, I was particularly enamored by the historical references to the Soviet Union and the KgB. In this platform, the Albatross studio will play us in the role of Laika, a Russian monkey used as a real secret agent. laika-2-0-provato-v10-32069-1280x16.jpg

The Way of Life: using one of my favorite genres (graphic adventure), the Cybercoconut team will allow us to take ownership of our choices that will influence a potentially exciting story. BannerWeb

Cat Guns: There were many Arena present and Cat Guns proved to be the best.  Despite the very few months of development, the Bad Jokes have offered us a multiplayer 3 v 3 shared-screen experience with Overwatch style graphics. The protagonists? Kittens on robots totally customizable: from arms to colors. 16790135_1258532470848841_4314113993917595648_n

Downwardfinally arrive at the absolute champion of the evening as well as the candidate for the award we will deliver tomorrow. Making the most of the Unreal Engine 4, the Roman boys of Caragol Games have created a graphic that I have no difficulty to define by triple A. All the seasoned with a gameplay not at all easy and not at all obvious where we will, in first person, engage in challenges of parkour and jumps where the timing in the combo has its share. The Beta is available on Steam: try it, it's really worth it! 3

For today is all. See you tomorrow / tonight with the Day 02, where we will find out who will deserve our prize!