You are eager to try out the new Kyoto home game for exclusive Nintendo Switch? ARMS, the original shotgun promising to innovate with new and original mechanics tied to the stretching of the protagonists' arts, will be officially available from the next 16 June.

Fortunately, as announced during the Nintendo Direct by tonight, that you can see or review thanks to the queued article in the article, all newborn hybrid console holders will be able to take part in the beta test that will be named Global Testpunch: as in the case of Splatoon e Splatoon 2 you can download the free client now and keep up to date on which servers will open to the public, as shown in the image below.


18 Update: 20: Nintendo has announced the exact beta test times, we include them below.

Saturday May 27

02:00 - 02:59
14:00 - 14:59
20:00 - 20:59

Sunday May 28

02:00 - 02:59
14:00 - 14:59
20:00 - 20:59

Saturday June 3

02:00 - 02:59
14:00 - 14:59
20:00 - 20:59

Sunday 4 June

02:00 - 02:59
14:00 - 14:59
20:00 - 20:59

In addition, through the same Direct and summarized via the official press release, Nintendo has announced new details about the game, ranging between modes and new characters.


  • Customization: After selecting a character, players can assign two weapons, one right and one left. These weapons range from standard boomerang and missile fists to a variety of short and long range attacks as well as offensive and defensive options:
  • Teepee - The game includes dozens of weapons, each with a unique ability. Types range from the Oven, triggering an infuriated shot at Trident, shooting three shots horizontally. Some weapons improve the defense. An example is the Guardian, who can act as a shield.
  • Attributes - There are seven attributes in ARMS: fire, electricity, wind, ice, stunning, explosion, and blindness. Weapons have all different attributes, so to get the most strategic advantage it is strongly recommended to choose different weapons for the right and the left arm.
  • Weight - When choosing weapons, it is important to keep in mind their weight. The most powerful weapons are slower, while multi-stroke ones are quick but less damage. In fights, fists can even clash with each other and the heaviest defeat the light ones.
  • Enhance the weapons - As they fight, players get rewards in the game currency to be used in the Weapon Palio to gain new weapons and boost the ones they already have.
  • Versus mode: ARMS includes so many fun modes that offer various ways to challenge other wrestlers:
  • clash - Clash is the basic multiplayer mode, which allows two challengers to face for victory. During meetings, bombs and healing objects appear, for a more strategic touch.
  • Team clashes - In this mode, two players are tied to one another and face another team of two wrestlers. Attacks can hit the allies, so look at your ally's fists!
  • Volleyball - In this mode, similar to traditional volleyball, you must send an explosive ball in the opponent's field.
  • basketball - Basketball is a very intense basketball game where you have to grab your opponent and put it in the basket.
  • Target shooting - Break as many targets as you can with the versatile weapons at your disposal.
  • 100 challenge - defeat 100 enemies in a row, one at a time.
  • Test weapons and workout - In Arms Test, players can try random weapon combinations, while training allows them to practice in different tests.
  • Multiplayer: Playing with friends online or online is easy with the various multiplayer modes ARMS:
  • Great Tournament - winning 10 consecutive matches in the Grand Tournament, players will have access to the final and become champions of ARMS. (This mode supports local play with a friend.)
  • Friendlies - By connecting the Nintendo Switch console to the Internet, players can simultaneously face up to other 3 players in their own room. A room can accommodate up to 10 consoles and up to 2 players for each of them, so a maximum of 20 players can occupy the same room.
  • Official matches - In this honorable arena only one-on-one clashes are permitted. When a player wins a match, his rank rises as he loses. While waiting for the start of a match, players can have fun in other modes to spend time (and to train).
  • Wireless local - In local wireless you can create a room for eight players, each with a console, and take part in meetings for up to four players, such as in the Friendly Games.
  • Updates of ARMS: In the future, several free upgrades will introduce new characters, levels, and weapons. These updates will be made available after launching the game.

Characters and Weapons

During the presentation 10 wrestlers were unveiled with their predetermined weapons. These weapons are not exclusive to a certain character, but represent the ones recommended to maximize their effectiveness. The dozens of game weapons can be used by all characters.

  • Spring Man - the bouncing hairstyle of this character may seem fake, his passion for the fight is certainly authentic.
  • Ninjara - With its agile movements and its ninja techniques, Ninjara can disappear and teleport to another point even when it is mid-air or on guard.
  • Master Mummy - With his ability to recover health when he is on guard, Master Mummy is an opponent not to be underestimated.
  • Min Min - With his arms made of ramen, Min Min performs deliciously powerful attacks.
  • Kid Cobra - this charismatic lover of selfies and direct streaming attacks opponents with loaded shots.
  • Ribbon Girl - Superb leap, Ribbon Girl violates the laws of physics with its unbeatable power.
  • Helix - Who is Helix? An experiment went wrong, here's who. Its extensible body allows it to move unpredictably.
  • Mechanica - this ingenious little girl has built a suit that allows her to rise to the middle of the air.
  • Byte & Barq - two wrestlers in one! This robotic fighter and his dog fight together to unleash devastating combo.
  • Twintelle - this movie star uses its charm to send opponents in the visibility and limestone the red carpet that leads to victory.

Let's enjoy all the latest news for ARMS!

ARMS Direct of 18 May