Just an eclectic man like it Jeff Minter he could think of launching a title based on the underground legend of Polybius.

The title is indeed that of the psychedelic arcade . 1981 which, because of this characteristic, gave life to the famous urban legend. It is said that through sounds, lights and colors could alter the minds of the players, leading them to be more docile and susceptible, and in the most extreme cases provoking epilepsy episodes, anxiety, paranoia, insomnia and other behavioral disturbances.


We had already talked about this title too in our first Creepy Games telling all the legend used by Jeff crazy for this new title. In short, a game that is definitely "particular", it would be a good idea to leave it in the hands of a guy like Jeff? Will it make the real metropolis legend or leave us a good illusion? Surely exploiting the legend was a genialata.

If I've drawn your curiosity I remember that the title is available for PlayStation 4 and it also supports VR (if you have the courage of course) at the price of 16.99 €.

To get you a better idea of ​​what I'm talking about here are a few of the gameplay releases released by PlayStation EU that let you know what type of "setting" will accompany us all the time.