As you well know, we always try to bring content "counter-tendency" but of quality, concerning products and / or particular topics but always of quality. We always give, also and above all with the figure of Fraws, support for any kind of original and independent activity (nostalgic and not) in words and often with the facts: from the genius of Alessio Cosenza (Power Glove Ultra) to that of Marco Alfieri (Call of Salveenee) to reach the unmistakable voice of Merlo (Adriano Milone). We can not therefore welcome the project carried out by the 'Svilupparty Association which we quote, literally,
"Works to support the valorisation of the production of video games in our country at volumes and quality levels, of course, guarantees the annual cadence of the Svilupparty event in Bologna."
In other words: they try to give visibility but above all possibility to all the "small" realities that otherwise would find much more difficulty.


This year Svilupparty will take place from 19 to 21 May and, in addition to assisting with interest, we can say that we are part of it. Sunday 21th of, the last day of the fair will be awarded the prizes at the best games presented. The "Let's talk about Videogames" award will be one of these and will cover the best graphic realization. Our delegation / jury will be composed of our Social Media Manager (Valerio Marone), myself Muzza and, of course, Fraws. We will definitely have fun (and play!).

Being called by Svilupparty to present and award one of our awards is not, therefore, only a matter of pride, but it is something naturally resulting from what we try to pursue every day: We are on the right track and these awards legitimize our work hard. See you in Bologna!

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