This story never seems to end. We left you not too long ago with this article  where we talked about all rumors about the arrival of Crash N. Sane Trilogy on PC and Xbox. At the time it was the Twitter account of PlayStation Ireland to launch the "bomb", writing: "Crash will arrive FIRST on PS4 and PS4 Pro".
They took away all the possible speculations, bringing a glimmer of hope and interest to PC and Xbox users.

Now, about 3 months later, we have another in our hands "bomb" which, in addition to the news itself, is basically result to that of some time ago.
This time to trigger it is the Canadian division of Best Buy which, as reported by the Twitter account "AllGamesDelta", exposed "Crash N. Sane Trilogy" among pre-order games with an unmistakable inscription: "1 year console exclusive". This is the tweet:

Not only that: the eyes more careful will notice the lack of the typical "Only on PlayStation" badge.

At the same time, however, a denial is not long in coming: a tweet reveals the conversation between a user and the developers of Crash N. Sane Trilogy, Vicarious Visions, precisely on the issue of exclusivity. In this case the answer is unequivocal and leaves little to the interpretation.

What to say, probably the answer to the mystery will only have it on the day of the exit. Meanwhile, let's remember that "two clues are a coincidence, three are a test "