It was a moment we expected in many. Thanks to the user Masterofx of the very special Undertow forum, this moment is finally real. Thanks to its genius and its generosity, we will be able to enjoy unlimited use of the first Nude Mod for Bayonetta. Masterofx has been so thoughtful to provide a step-by-step guide to installing mod. Help that You can find here.
The new textures will obviously replace the standard costume in the game or with the hard and raw naked skin, or with different outfits that you will be previewing on the guide.


We should thank everyone Masterofx: I, you, Fraws, the Accattino, but above all SEGA and Platinum Games. Because Masterofx, with this mod, not only gave Bayonetta the opportunity to really deserve it, but also gave us finally the chance to give a c *** or a meaning a mediocre and useless game.
Making it available on Steam was not enough to improve the situation ... now we are.