Attention,Accattino, venghino siori venghino.

Today I propose you a title that does not need presentations, the masterpiece that has consecrated CD Projekt RED in the Olympus of developers: The Witcher Enhanced Edition.

Developed by the Polish team and distributed by Atari, the game is a RPG which takes the setting from the writer's novels Andrzej Sapkowski and deals with the adventures of Geralt of Rivia, we are in front of a fantasy.

The game uses the graphics engine Aurora di Bioware (Does Neverwinter Nights Say You Nothing?) heavily modified to have graphic effects significantly higher than the other titles they have used in the past.

Geralt is a Witcher and the rocks are rocks.
Geralt is a Witcher and the rocks are rocks.

After finishing the storyline for the sparagnosauri dry, let's move on to the real reason you're here.

The phantasmagoric and unrepeatable link that only the 'Accattino always succeeds in bringing you: THE FAMOUS LINK FOR FREE GAME.

To get a copy of The Witcher Enhanced Edition free you will need to create an account on the sites of e, but I'm sure this will not stop your thirst for savings. About about half page you will find a box from which you can get the key to redeem.

NDR: Before you start the shitstorm I inform you that new account entries have been temporarily suspended on the Arstechnica site because of spammers and bots that are redeeming thousands of codes per second, the site staff informs us that they will soon be rehabilitated all to allow you to legitimately take these codes, so you just have to spare a little about the page I've provided.