Monolith Productions, after the great success in 2014 of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, is ready for the second chapter and is willing to make the "bang", so much to define Middle-earth: Shadow of War as "the real incarnation of vision original that the study had. "

This and much more came out of the mouth of Michael de Plater, Creative VP of Monolith, in an interview with the EDGE magazine.
"Things that did not work are structuring and rewards of history: we were mainly focused on the combat system and we are stuck in repetition. " says de Plater, thus making "mea culpa".
However, he wastes no time to praise, rightly, the Nemesis system (considering it "The thing that worked") but at the same time anticipating changes: “Last time we had orcs with a trait called 'The Humiliator'. Whenever they defeated you, they didn't finish you completely: they turned and walked away. This could have been nice at times, but now that trait will also be influenced by the game world. If staying alive at that moment would result in a better story, then The Humiliator will spare you. The goal is to generate better stories."

Middle-earth: Shadow of War
I would then like to dwell on a very particular, perhaps unpopular, and therefore noteworthy statement concerning the video games in general: "I believe sequels in video games can sometimes be easier. Things are difficult and complicated when you find yourself throwing so many ideas on the table for the first time. The second time often leads to the full realization of all the ideas you had in your head ”.
Reasoning is terribly sensible... why then in so many "cult" sagas popular culture judges the second chapters worse than the first? God of War, Gears of War, Diablo or even Uncharted come to mind. We can only hope that de Plater's words are sincere and do not disappoint expectations.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is out in August for Microsoft Windows, PS4 and XboX One.



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