I'm saying I did not play the mod Arma nor to ad H1Z1: King of the Hill, both signed by the now famous PLAYER UNKNOWN, but little was enough to make me fall in love with this game. On the video you will see the best game I've managed so far to get.

Well, it's a 'Early Access stuffed with bugs and unstable framerate but the substance is there. The game in question was created with the desire to have a title "all her"By the modder mentioned earlier, so much to get the name as well.

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS it's a nasty fun game, I've just met him by streaming and talking to friends, so I'm just starting to try it to bring you this "review preview"

The title in question has been under the spotlight for a week to this part thanks to unmatched usability, obviously there is no plot being a multiplayer title, but the premise is simple: 100 players, a square map of 8 x 8 miles, you will be thrown from a plane as you settle down and with the parachute we will try to direct ourselves to the position we will feel more consonant. Spawn point, loot spawn etc will be totally randomexcept for the mappto, always the same. The core of the game is just being one battle royale in fact, as time passes, a circular area will be shrinking more and more, preventing endless endless death, but the possible approaches are varied, from the lurker to the serial enthusiast.

By personal experience I can confirm that the 'equipment which you will collect will give you some advantage, but it will be the ability, the observation and listening skills, but especially the nerve balances to bring you closer and closer to the victory.

The supreme fun! Although it was born as an idea by a mod, it's definitely worth trying!
The supreme fun! Although it was born as an idea by a mod, it's definitely worth trying!

The game can only be used with this mode if it is possible to play in teams by 2 or 4 friends, which in my opinion changes TOTALLY the 'approach to the battlefield.

Let's talk now about the gameplay and its mechanics, the game works well conceptually, and much, the only flaw I have found is an excessive woodiness in interaction with doors and objects that sometimes can cost you life during a conflict. The game interface is very clear and within the 4-5 games you will be unqualified for a win, the learning curve is very "easy".

The production is plated PLAYER UNKNOWN shows the side only with regard to the graphics engine, at the current stage of things perhaps still too immature and characterized by a framerate not always stable regardless of whether you are in a crowded or not. The computer used to perform the test mounts an nVidia GTX 970 Twin Frozr, i5 6600k Skylake e 8GB RAM HyperX Fury, so not really a car an entry level though dated. With this configuration I did not notice any change in framerate depending on the scaling of details and graphic effects from LOW ad ULTRAif the game has to be lazy at that time, regardless of your settings, this is definitely to be attributed to a not yet perfect optimization, but I'm confident.

Although the game was also tested by streaming on Twitch.tv with ULTRA quality, I found virtually the same sporadic slowdowns seen with minimal details without streaming to complicate things.

The game is following the same iter moba born from old fashion Defense of the Ancients di Warcraft III; that genre battle royale it can be overwhelmed league of legends e Dota 2?

That said, good-bye Accattino I think I will buy the game, but mindful that 29,90 € for a Early Access that needs to be filed on many aspects are many, the fear of being faced with a new "RUST"It's so much, but we do not despair.

I still feel like advising on buying a game with your eyes closed, whether you want to play alone or whether you want to have fun with friends, if you do not find anyone you can always jump in TeamSpeak to play together with editorial staff and affectionate users Facezie MultiGaming e We're talking about Video Games!