Last summer Blizzard decided to sue a famous creator of cheating programs, such Bossland, for "copyright infringement, unfair competition and violation of the DMCA anti-rejection clause". Overwatch developers asked for compensation well 8.5 million dollars, to which Bossland obviously opposed. What to say, the final judgment has exceeded expectations of Mum Blizzard: the California court in fact ordered Bossland to drop 8.6 (millions).

Blizzard has rightly accused Bossland of having "Altered their games without permission". Copyright violations, alterations and unfair competition that have been found in ben 42,818 cases. The Official site is still in operation and information (sometimes conflicting and / or reassuring) just about the facts in question.
"Botting is not against any law"Proudly quoted their site. But no! This is definitely the fun part, as you now find written type: "Bottoming in Diablo 3 is not against any law, except in Germany."LoL.

Bossland produces Bot (the famous software that basically plays for you) for practically all the top games: from Pokémon Go, WoW, Diablo 3 to Hearthstone and even FF: 14 A Realm Reborn. They are, probably, the most intoxicating methods of the overall videogame experience, hated by all honest players forever. The theme is so relevant that it deserves an editorial in which our positions will be provided in an exhaustive manner. Meanwhile, enjoy the news and hopefully hope that from here soon the Bossland can close permanently.

Source PC Gamer