The Accattino today offers a game out in the distant 2007, strong of a good, for the era, graphic arts and fun games at the highest levels. Overlord has very few against: first among them a not very longevity.

If even some linearity or camera management could bother you, I could safely answer "TAMMA" live on TeamSpeak. Remember that it is still Free , complain is therefore from CAVALLI.

Giving a 'quick look to the game you just need to know that you will impersonate the new king of darkness and you will have to do the bad ones, again bringing the newly-released kingdom back into oblivion and darkness. Point. EXTREME FIGURE.

Do not sand the Cabasis and enjoy it!
Do not sand the Cabasis and enjoy it!

Let's go, dear ones sparagnosauri, but you're here for this, to see how to get it completely free. (I'll kill you if you do not spread my verb!)

Just simply go to the store of Codemasters, or follow this link, placed in the shopping cart, complete the purchase and voila, you just got Overlord pulling some money.

The key is naturally redeemable on Steam, and you just need to log in with your account Facebook in the store to complete the purchase procedure.

NDR: It will take a few hours before you receive the Key, so avoid hanging in the bathroom and flaming in the comments: *