It was just a matter of time, it was clear to everyone. Last 17 March Never: Automata, the announced masterpiece bearing the signatures of Yoko Taro, SQUARE ENIX e PlatinumGames, he also approached PC, after the launch a week earlier PlayStation 4. The engaging story of androids YoRHa they have been able to conquer the players from all over the world, but from today I am ready to bet that they will go far beyond the heart and the feelings. The first mod for the PC version of Never: Automata, as was expected, will serve undress 2B, the charismatic main character becoming viral for fun and provocative upskirting.

Of course, I personally prefer the original version of the game, but I'm ready to bet that so many will be happy to be able to download the partial naked skin created by Art-Of-The-Body and is available for free download. You can see the mod on the page Deviantart of the artist in question, while you can download the mod (if older) seguendo this link.

Who knows what Yoko Taro thinks of all this, since in the past he had been very interested in the provocative fanarts that had his creature protagonist. Meanwhile, below we show you the image (obviously censored) that shows the least potent version of 2B.

NieR: Automatic - 2B Nude Mod

NieR: Automatic nude mode 2B