During the event <3 StarCraft in Korea, Blizzard Entertainment announced the release on PC during the coming summer of StarCraft Remastered.

At 19 years after the birth of one of the most famous titles in the house, Mom Blizzy has decided to give us a revised and upgraded version of the first complete title of high definition graphics and support for the 4K, zooming in, a new, more functional match making, totally remastered audio, fully revised dialogues, and a general improvement across the online gaming industry. The game will keep the same gameplay and will also complete the Brood War expansion.

Blizzard also announced the 1.8 patch for StarCraft: Brood War,observer mode, and I also remember that the game is downloadable for free.

The official Release Date of StarCraft Remastered for the time being has not yet been published will keep you updated so you can play with us happily with StarCraft during the summer, awaiting the great Blizzcon 2017 news that I remember will be held in the early days in November.