How well-loved the saga will know (or saw ...?) the new SENRAN KAGURA: PEACH BEACH SPLASH was launched in Japan last year 16 March, exclusive on PlayStation 4.

Not everyone knows, however, that Marvelous! and the newborn development team of Kenichiro Takaki which takes its name Honey ∞ Parade Games, are already working on the next episode of the saga. The seventh, for the sake of accuracy, counting all the titles so far and the various spin-offs: SENRAN KAGURA Burst, SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson, SHINOVI VERSUS, Bon Appétit!, ESTIVAL VERSUS and precisely PEACH BEACH SPLASH.

The announcement was disseminated through PBS itself, through a video clip present at the end of the final sequence of the game, a real teaser trailer which we propose below. We still do not know which platform will see this light SENRAN KAGURA 7, but some clues suggest that it will be an exclusive for you Nintendo Switch: In the past Takaki expressed his interest in the new Nintendo console and in particular in the features HD Rumble, with which he will be able to convey even more realistic sensations… and we can only imagine what it could be. Good vision!

Teaser trailer by SENRAN KAGURA "7"