Alas, the time has unfortunately come. After 11 years of glorious service, production of the PS3 is destined to come to an end. As reported on the official Japanese website, shipments for the 3 Gb Play Station 500 (the only model left in production) are "Scheduled to end soon".  How soon we do not know, but many sites and / or stores assume that it may be March itself the month of the end. After Caesar and the Ides of March, we could have a new mourning to remember in this nefarious month.

There is no conclusion, there is no end, though, without a story. There can be no death without life. And of stories, the Play Station 3, has given away many. Of life, at least personally, he gave a lot. Sadness is certainly inevitable, especially when the memories related to a certain experience are particularly strong. But knowing that you have taken everything we have been offered, that you have not missed anything, can alleviate it all. Especially when the one offered by the PS3, from November 2006 to today, was really a lot.


"The queen is dead ... live the queen!"