Welcome to the corner of 'Accattino Dear friends sparagnosauri, today I propose you a game, totally FREE as long as you can be fast and take one of them 50000 key put into play in the random giveaway, where the mage is crazy, but so crazy. The contest will end the 26 March 2017.

Lichdom: Battlemage it is proposed as a triple A game, released in the now distant 2014, is still a title of good carat, but characterized by perhaps too much repetition, it does graphics, crafting and component ruolistica its strong point. Lichdom is a role-playing game fantastic in my opinion, it is worth at least to give it a chance, it is still free and a donated key does not look in the mouth. Oh no, maybe it was not like that.

And you Dexter like the balls? CUBIC!
And you Dexter like the balls? CUBIC!

Here is the link that will redirect you directly to the giveaway, click here!

To receive the key you will just have to follow a few steps like putting on Facebook and similar pages.

Remember to spread the verb of 'Accattinowe all have the right to play "sparring".

I leave you with a hint of drawing from Wikipedia :

"If the player has chosen to play the female character, his sister is abducted by Shax after a dispute about a piece of jewelry the player is selling. If the player has chosen to play the male character, Shax murders the player's character's wife after refusing to sell Shax a sword. The player character is then awoken by Roth who reveals that he has chosen him or her to be his Dragon. Whichever character the player did not choose leaves by Roth's request to later aid the Dragon and become known as the Gryphon."