Gran Turismo Sport, the newborn of the home Sony e Poliphony is now approaching the exit, we can then try to get into Closed beta to get a taste of it pre-release. Recall that Poliphony is known to be a software house by politics "will come out when it's ready“, Although it has been present since the first generation of PlayStation the titles produced were all in all "few" compared to other brands in the sector.

It was even now I dare say.
It was even now I dare say.

Follow THIS LINK to subscribe. I would remind you that the title in question will be exclusive PlayStation 4.

Here you will find the Sony ad text:

"Gran Turismo Sport Beta Sign Up SIEE

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If you are successful we will email you with information on how to access the Gran Turismo Sport Beta (including your voucher code). Keep an eye out for the official invitation e-mail so that you know when the action has started!

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