Circle of Life, the controversial GameStop program that you all know how to know, it seems destined to change. According to some store managers, Gamestop will continue to monitor the Circle of Life scores but in a different way from the one planned. Let's go into detail.

Let's go back briefly, the “Circle of Life” (CoL) score is the unit of measure by which GameStop evaluates its employees. CoL score is based on four parameters: 1) Sale of used games 2) Sale of new in exchange for used 3) Pre-orders 4) Sale of prize cards (those on which to accumulate carrots, so to speak). Furthermore, the calculation of the score is foreseen both shop by shop and, in particular, employee per employee. Furthermore, the CoL represents nothing more than the guiding philosophy for Gamestop: customers must buy games, resell them to Gamestop and use the proceeds to buy new used games (which they will resell in turn).  A real circle.

Circle of Life

This is the program as it was designed and discussed. But now we could attend one fast contrordine by the great video game chain. First, CoL would no longer monitor individual employees but just the shops, which would help lower the pressure on workers to reach their quota. In addition to the four parameters listed above, a fifth should be added: 5) Sale of new games.
This should prevent employees being punished for selling new games, as has happened in the past.

We use the conditional because even though the sources are reliable and verified, we do not believe it until we see it. Just talking about sources, let's mention Kotaku which for some time has been carrying out a (counter) information campaign on the large video game chain, thanks to their direct contacts with employees and store managers. The official announcement of the program change is expected shortly.