Accattino is back again. I tell you from now on, this time you have to shell out, and even 30 $, but.

There is one MA as big as a house, the proceeds of this Humble Bundle it will come entirely devoted to charity, this should already be a big motivation.

But let's go to the pot that every one sparagnosauro wants to find in the corner of the Cockroach: the convenience.

Click here to be redirected directly to the Bundle
Click here to be redirected directly to the Bundle

Together with buying THIS Humble Bundle we will do good to the next, we will get lots of great titles, for a retail value of about 600 $ at a truly exceptional price. Not to mention that these titles are really great, let's talk about masterpiece the likes of The Stanley parable, Day of the Tentacle Remastered, Human Resource Machine, The Swapper, Superbrothers: The Sword & Sworcery EP, Stardew Valley etc. There's no need to add that the games will all be redeemable on the Digital Delivery platform Steam.

Others will be added to the achievement of the various donation goals. By the time I am writing, we have abundantly exceeded the two million dollars.

I avoid diluting because the titles are so many, the desire to play is so much and the money as usual are few.

If you also do not buy this bundle please share to help build children's hospitals with Doctors Without Borders et similia.