As announced on Community of Steam la Valve has decided to suspend the Greenlight service, specifying, however, that "it will not be eliminated because it is useless, but because it is evolving". Just so the system will be replaced by the most efficient Steam Direct that will arrive in Spring 2017.

Greenlight was a "useful springboard" that dramatically aided the expansion of the steam offer by lowering the barriers for many developers, also brought a huge amount of money currently more than a hundred titles launched with greenlight have allowed to cash 1 million dollars each many of which would never have been released with the previous Steam Store. The purpose of the new system is to avoid the excessive proliferation of too much crap that has crowded the store in recent years. With the new Steam direct system developers will simply have to sign up, filling out some online paperwork, and paying a fee fee for each title they want to distribute. The quota has not yet been decided, but according to some developers will range between the 100 $ not 5000 $.

Valve also writes "We want to make sure Steam is a welcoming environment for all developers who are serious about treating customers fairly and making quality gaming experiences". To improve and continue to correctly update the system will continue to collect feedback to always find the most satisfactory solution. The latest Steam updates have increased the average time people spend playing, while the average number of titles bought has doubled.