Announced in the 2014 and then disappeared as long as Bandai Namco announced the purchase of rights in August 2016, in collaboration with Tarsier Studios authors of the famous LittleBigPlanet for PS Vita e Tearaway Unfolded for PS4. I'm talking about Little Nightmares, an intriguing platform game available for PC, Xbox One e PS4 from the next 28th April.


The game winner of Indie Game prize at 2016 Gamescom, has a rather curious story. It was born twelve years ago as a Tarsier project, still university students, with a prototype named The City of Metronome, also brought to 'E3 with also a remarkable success. Abandoned was resumed and announced in the 2014 under the name Hunger. nell 'August 2016, Bandai Namco decided to retrieve the project and name it Little Nightmares.


The title is particularly original, it is the story of the little one Six that after being kidnapped and brought to "Le Fauci", A submarine resort where some mysterious creatures live, will try to escape. The plot is quite cryptic, leaving us doubtful about the nature of the baby. The completely silent game tells scenario after scenario, in a series of details often hidden within the impressively dense environment. Obviously, the path will be full of obstacles and often you will have to move the view in every corner of the room to find a way to escape. In his escape Six will only have a lighter, very useful for some of the rooms and the ability to run, jumping, jumping and interacting with the surrounding environment by grabbing or moving some objects. Particularly complicated is the mapping of commands (especially for consoles), the idea was to use the right trigger to interact with objects, actually giving the idea of ​​catching something, but this finding will require you during the game a particular manual.

The style is absolutely unique despite being reminded of Tim Burton's macabre movies or, due to the yellow, the small Coraline. The same Dave Mervik: "It's hard to say what our sources of inspiration were. [...] There are dozens of movies or books I could quote but there is nothing accurate. We say more than anything that we have been influenced by contemporary culture in which we live. Little Nightmares is a unique, consistent product, with a very precise identity. "

Il preorder of the game is 19,99€ and allows you to get some bonus content:

  • the scarecrow sack masks and upturned Teapot that will help Six to mimic
  • the soundtrack
  • the background with the guardian


Unusually the game also has one special limited edition, called "Six Edition"Sui € 35,98, which contains:

  • Box-Cage to Theme
  • Six-figure figurine from 10 cm
  • Set of Stickers
  • Original soundtrack
  • Exclusive A3 posters
  • The game


Also yesterday was released a gameplay of just over 7 minutes, which shows some scenarios and game modes that make this title even more "appetizing".

Are you ready to meet the deeper fears of your childhood in this absolutely unusual title?