During a session Ask Me Anything on Reddit the well-known key retailer G2A.com he found himself overwhelmed by an avalanche of less than satisfied users and the optimism of the company was crushed by thousands of verses and criticisms. Comments spanned many of the company's gaps such as these "Who did you think an AMA would go smoothly on Reddit, where are so many people who hate you?","Are you aware of the damage that you are facing to the video game industry?" or again "If G2A is a legitimate company with legitimate key vendors, why not bid buyer protection for free?". The company had also been at the center of several "scandals" including the sales of games TinyBuild which, at the expense of the developers, made cash over dollars 450.000  or even the countless accusations of fraud and fraud related to the sale of cheap key, as the CEO of Trion Worlds, Scott Hartsman"This is what they have created: a business based on fraud and illicit pricing, quite intentional and with a wide margin of profit. The only reason they did not go to jail is that they work in countries whose legislation makes them untouchable. [...] Each key we analyzed and sold undercut actually came from fraudulent payments or price scams applied in different countries".

That this time the users have managed to make themselves heard?