Steam and more. There Antitrust Commission is in fact examining the bilateral agreements concluded between Valve Corporation and five PC video manufacturers, Namco Bandai, Capcom, Focus Home, Koch Media and ZeniMax.

Finally, the European Union moves for something useful: overcoming and condemning the fuckin 'practices geo-blocking. That's right, just the ones that prevent us from buying gambling keys at the lowest price on the entire European (European) market like the one in the East, for example, forcing us to buy on the basis of our position or our country of residence.

You know very well that the keys are first requested as proof of purchase and therefore to block possible pirated games. The verification is carried out, obviously, through the famous Steam distribution platform, the reason for its involvement in theinvestigation.
Investigation that focuses on whether the agreements mentioned above require or have required the use of particular activation keys in order to implement geo-blocking.

In essence: they waved as it seemed to him so that every state (or almost) had its own "personalized" key, preventing, for example, an Italian to buy in Poland and vice versa. Too bad that this constitutes a violation of the antitrust rules the EU by reducing cross-border competition, resulting in a limitation to so-called "parallel trade" within the single market.

What to say, I sincerely hope to take serious measures: I want to buy myself on G2A keys of Kazakhstan to 0,99. <3