La Blizzard he communicated on official forum which during these days will be introduced into the PTR one rework of Bastion For a test, the changes are going to balance the hero, as had been done last November for Simmetra, with more than excellent results (dear Blizzy even less well).


The rework briefly explained in the forum illustrates the slightly modified skill / mode of the sample:

Recognition Mode: decreased dispersion and increased loader size to help the overall effectiveness of this mode.

Sentinel Mode: we are trying to focus this mode on the ability to cause massive damage to tanks and barriers and at the same time make the player feel less vulnerable. For this purpose some changes are being tested such as the increase of the bullet roster and the removal of the headshots, the possibility of taking less damage while being transformed.

Auto-Repair: Some great changes have been tested on this ability and seem rather promising. Currently the build makes Bastion able to use self-repair as it moves without being interrupted by the damage suffered, and to balance it, a resource system (similar to's shield) was set up to balance it. These changes want to transform this little used skill into a much more powerful, basic one for survival.

Hoping that these changes overtake the tests and do not get us too much to reach our consoles, we just have to remember, if you have not yet tried it, the event in the game Year of the Gallo. New skin, a new way of playing and so much to celebrate Chinese New Year together.

Good Luck Have Fun and ... Dah-dah weeeee!