Il Fire Emblem Direct aired last night, it was almost all fans of the strategic tarball saga Intelligent Systems and exclusive for home platforms Nintendo. While everyone was expecting a direct focus on Fire Emblem Warriors, the Musou developed by KOEI TECMO GAMES in collaboration with the Kyoto home, we were caught off guard by four very important ads that saw three different platforms involved.

First of all, the aforementioned Fire Emblem Warriors, shown for the first time in a gameplay trailer that we include below, will also come up New Nintendo 3DS, not just as exclusive Nintendo Switch. This is the second exclusive title for this new version of the already-established dual-screen Nintendo handheld afterwards Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. Exit is scheduled for fall this year.

The broadcast, however, has opened with a long story trailer related to Fire Emblem Gaiden, second original chapter released in 1992 which will be reproposed in the form of a complete remake with the title of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. This title will come exclusive on Nintendo 3DS the next 19 May and the output will be accompanied by two new ones amiibo which portray the protagonists Alm e Celica. This chapter differs from the other for the presence of explorable maps and dungeons facing third person.

Then go to Nintendo Switch: Absolutely nothing is shown, but for the first time, the development of a completely new chapter for the new platform is announced. This is the first game for home consoles since the time of Radiant Dawn for Wii. Exit is scheduled in 2018, and we look forward to discovering more.

Finally, as the main course of the evening, it was announced Fire Emblem Heroes, the first title of the exclusive series for mobile devices with operating system iOS e Android. Pre-recordings on Android are open right away, but the game will only be launched next 2 February. Nintendo has ripped off every feature and feature for this title, launching a nice event that asks players to design a list of their favorite warriors, which will then be celebrated in the final version of the game.

Following is the official press release issued by Nintendo Italia, with all the relevant information.


Various games of the very lucky developing series

January 19 2017 - Nintendo today is surprised by fans Fire Emblem through Nintendo Direct with the news that various successful-strategy RPG franchise games are being developed. They include a new game for smart devices, two new games for Nintendo Switch and various Nintendo 3DS console games.

Below is an overview of today's key ads. To see the Nintendo Direct video in full, consult

  • Fire Emblem Heroes arrives on smart devices: Nintendo launches its next adventure on mobile with the arrival of Fire Emblem Heroes. For detailed information on OS timing, see website di Fire Emblem Heroes. Fire Emblem Heroes is an original strategy RPG focused on the bitter confrontation between two warring kingdoms. As convellers, players will consolidate their army by summoning the heroes of Fire Emblem from worlds that embrace the series in its breadth. Players will engage in strategic tactical battles, simplified for the game on the move and will also level a group of new fighters and legendary heroes. Some characters among the family heroes will become allies, while others will become general enemies and fight against you. Players will appreciate the tactical role-playing game in his majesty by playing on miniature maps designed to fit the smartphone screen, even when playing for short periods. Lead your army with touch and drag controls, which include the ability to attack by simply rubbing an allied hero against an enemy. If you manage to defeat every enemy on a given map, you will win the victory. The heroes will be represented by artistic drawings made entirely by hand by various illustrators and their entries have been recorded from scratch. Beyond the main mode, players will be able to deal with other ways to strengthen their army, compete against others and much more. In addition, free and timely updates will continue to increase characters and content for additional hours of play. For details on pre registration check the website Fire Emblem Heroes.

Fire Emblem Heroes will be available to be downloaded for free with additional payment options.

  • To prepare for the launch of Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo will inaugurate the event today Fire Emblem Heroes: Choose Your Legends. Fans can visit to navigate among the characters of the franchise Fire Emblem and select those they would like to appear in Fire Emblem Heroes. The hero and heroin at the summit of the global community will join Fire Emblem Heroes which event characters of "Choose Your Legends". Nintendo account holders will receive platinum bonus points for voting.
  • Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia: In the 1992, the second game of the series Fire Emblem, Fire Emblem Gaiden was launched in Japan exclusively. Now, for the first time, non-Japanese fans will have a taste of this classic game for the consoles of the Nintendo 3DS family. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia inspired by the original 1992 game, re-imagined on a larger scale. Every aspect of the presentation of the game Fire Emblem Gaiden has been updated; the game is also completely dubbed. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia recreates the classic Fire Emblem gaming experience in a modern key, adding dungeon exploration of enemies.

The launch of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia on the consoles of the Nintendo 3DS family will be the 19 May. The protagonists of the game, Alm and Celica, will also be available as amber figurines. More details will be shared later.

  • Fire Emblem meets the series Warriors of TECMO KOEI GAMES: Fire Emblem Warriors is being developed for both Nintendo Switch consoles and New Nintendo 3DS, which includes both New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL. The development is by the team that he created Hyrule Warriors, and its launch is scheduled for next fall.
  • Fire Emblem is coming to Nintendo Switch: For the first time since the launch of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn on the Wii consoles in the 2008, a new chapter in the series Fire Emblem is under development for Nintendo's home console which has the ability to be enjoyed even in portable mode! The launch of the new game is scheduled for the 2018. Nintendo Switch will be sold on March 3 and will allow players to bring their own home consoles and play wherever they go. The software will be sold separately.

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