lyed: Hello I'm the Accattino and I have a problem with the free games.

All in choir: Hello Accattino.

I will not miss you, you are here for the games and the games you will have, dear Cartoon followers with physical shape like T-Rex. The boys short boys.

Imho is tender.
Imho is tender.

Assassin's Creed Bundle, About 15€ you bring home the whole series (to me AC sucks uR)

XCOM 2 a 12€ through the offer Humble Monthly (along with this game you will receive more), be careful because this is one subscription monthly, if you are only interested in XCOM 2 remember deactivate the recurrence of the payment.

At the end, DiRT Showdown Free to 48h!!! (For this blown thank you thank our dear fan Marco L.)

If you are here tardi I'm sorry for you, the best advice remains to follow place for greater speed in information


PS: At first he wanted to be something on the ranks of self help groups for anonymous alcoholics. ICS di. And to be redirected to the related page clicckate on name of the game.