BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe launches the demo on PS4's new expected title of Tales of. The title Tales of Berseria will be available from 27 January on PlayStation 4 and PC.

We are in the same world as the events of Zestiria, but in the centuries before the adventures of Sorey. During the Moon of the Scarlatta Moon in the realm of Midgand, a mysterious disease called Daemonblight invades the world, transforming humans into monstrous Demons.


The protagonist is the young and delicate Velvet Crowe which, as a result of numerous traumatic experiences, such as the betrayal of a faithful friend and the curse linked to his left arm, matures a deep thirst for vengeance. A continuous search for answers will bring Velvet to his journey, where he will meet numerous characters who will expand the extremely diverse party, joined by the common goal of saving the world and helping her in her solitary mission.


With this new chapter it is quite clear that the Tales saga is maturing, touching less stereotyped themes and more painful keys. To further emphasize are also the novelty of the combat system which, while still on the old and rumored Enhanced Linear Motion Battle System, has been improved in terms of fluidity and dynamism, providing a much more engaging and engaging combat.


The game is available on STEAM e PlayStation Network and it is possible to book it officially, which will also give you the option to receive one exclusive skit of 15 minutes in original version with English subtitles. If you book it from Steam and you already have one of the two previous titles, then Tales of Zestiria o Tales of Symphonia, you will have one more 10% discount. While on PlayStation 4, enthusiasts will receive a dedicated topic e 3 tracks of the soundtrack.