Age of Empires II it teaches us a great thing, not all of us '99 they are to be demonized, someone saved and one of them is definitely one of ours RTS favorite, a masterpiece timelessly after being filled with botox, is having a new one youth.

After remastered of 2013 in fact, the game is back in motion by pushing developers to resume "for good in hand"Precisely development.

After The Forgotten e The African Kingdoms, comes the third expansion il December 19 2016. Being content in line with The African Kingdoms we will definitely be expecting one cost similar.


Rise of the Rajas will be available in a few days Steam in the well 17 years from the first release of the chapter vanilla.

In this expansion we will have 4 new populations, Malaysian, Burmese, Vietnamese and Khmer.

Son of Pdor. Of the Isthar tribe. Ok I'll stop.

These "races"They may be better known by playing at 4 campaigns to them connected, obviously I talk about campaigns unpublished e single player, which will also serve to make you feel confident with them new combat units such as ballet elephants and armored archers, 13 land nuovi 2015. new maps and with, for solitary wolves, improvements to the 'artificial intelligence.

And you? You will buy one of the few D which is worth buying in the whole video gaming scene? Let us know about the comments!