That Amazon becoming a superpower is clear. He wants to extend his scope more and more, but later Amazon Music e Twitch Premium, will succeed in overcoming the undisputed King of streaming platforms Legal?

The Accattino today it recommends this new opportunity, if you have already subscribed to Amazon Premium, you can benefit from today's service Amazon Premium Video.

What? Netflix, But without Netflix. Let me tell you better, let's say that Amazon Premium Video part 'na munnezz how did Netflix go, but more aggressive at a price level.

Subscribers to Amazon Premium they will in fact have the opportunity to avail "for free"Of the service, the others instead they will have to subscribe to a subscription they will give 30 days of test free and later 6 months to 2.99 € with the ability to view content with 3 different devices at a time.

Unlike Netflix, Premium Video is already born with the possibility of save locally the content to make it available in offline mode at a later time.

The tamaraggin that made us grow icsdì

By veteran subscriber of Premium I really think I'll take a look at it, keeping in mind that has just opened and the catalog will need it time to expand.

And then, do begging, it's nice. IS Prime Video ha The Fast and The Furious.