Welcome back to boys address book in cadence random the Corner of the 'Accattinoas you have noticed no there is a programming fixed, sometimes video, sometimes article, sometimes 3 in a week sometimes a month without, it's all random, depends on the "bazzo"I can find you (or me reported!).

Today I will not talk about a game for free or a game discountedbut I'll teach you to SDOPPIARLI. Some of you will already know it, but by courtesy, we keep the attitude from referendum out of the medium gaming, then nothing flame o they are crushed to the head.

I do not know how much it is possible but I just found that there is a chance on the site GOG.com of being able link the account of Steam with that GOG.

Which pro are you asking for small but big short-handed ones? But it is obvious! Double Games! A bit like it was done at the time of GameBoy with Pokemon.

Limbo, though in its simplicity, I adored her.
Limbo, though in its simplicity, I adored her.

You will surely have Steam libraries well-supplied, and there's maybe some game you want to try for a friend even more tightfisted of you, but at the same time lazy you do not even want to, cough cough, piratare games. Well, some titles, I did not know it at the moment, present on the catalog GOG that in your library Steam, they could be eligible to be copy account GOG, giving you the chance to be downloaded in version DRM Free, or "aggratise"

From my library of about 700 games it was possible to import about 8, including some indie as well Limbo (title that I strongly recommend playing), Defcon, The Witcher: Enhanced Edition, Etherlords 1 e 2 etc.

Higher version version!
Higher version version!

To do this, just connect with your account on the portal GOG.com, look for the "GOG connect", do the sign-in means Steam, click on the "add n ° games"And the game is done. You just got multiplied the bread e fish. E i pixel.

Do not forget to share, spread the verb community stingy it must become strong and numerous! Let us know among the Comments what games you managed to split! Long life all'Accattino!