Welcome back to my friends "sparagnini"As I get this answer, here I come again, as soon as I know about games for free or with GREAT discounts I will not let you know.

Today,corner of the carpet, for all our loving short-handed readers.

Sit comfortably, I have to tell you a beautiful story. He does not talk about spheres Genkidama.

This story tells of when the adventures of D & D (Dungeons & Dragons) began to be lived with pixels, talking about a rogue system, a game that he did not, thanks to God, D ma EXPANSIONS.

Lady Aribeth, I'm convinced it was the first love of many.

NEVERWINTER NIGHTS DIAMOND EDITION FREE. (Imagine it said to Marco Merrino aka Croix89)

If you do not know him guys, get it right now. Most surely among us will have adored them, the younger may only know the abortion Free to Play on Steam. This is one of the games that in my opinion is aged better, like Meryl Streep. Neverwinter, has a single player campaign I'd like to yell at, and a compartment multiplayer which, although it may be artificial and obsolete to our day, will allow you thanks to a powerful editor and aurora engine of "roleplaying"With your friends, provided you have one master and players, obviously. As D & D.

The Auora Engine di Neverwinter it was pure magic at the time, and although I had to keep the details to a minimum, this game was imprinted in my grid. But let's talk about it, it is for free, is nice and now turns on the calculators as well Casio. And it is complete, which can not be seen, unfortunately, nowadays nowadays.

See you next time accattonata!

Ah almost forgot why you are here, the free game, Click here to be redirected to the dedicated page on gog.com.