And here we are back with the by now, I believe loved by all, mini column of the micragnoso short arm. Let us know if you like this "Corner of the kit"And we will try to make it more substantial and timely updated, after all, free is beautiful.

Like fat, but with fewer cardiovascular complications.

This month Bubisoft, as usual for his anniversary, gives us Assassin's Creed III from 7/12/2016obviously the game will only be available with your account Uplay. (ndR I remember uPlay is the digital delivery platform dedicated to titles Ubisoft.)

(We remember the game of the previous month was Father Cry B Dragon, still obtainable)


For those who are lazy but slightly interested, know that Assassin's Creed III is set during the American War of Independence in a period ranging from 1754 and 1783, also concluding the vicissitudes of the protagonist Desmond Miles set in the 2012.

I will not say anything else to not give free spoilers in addition to giochillo.

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