Virtual reality has to sell things, and to make it need to conquer the heart (the wallets) of consumers. A study published by GfK has pointed out that the UK market for the virtual reality viewers will be the PlayStation VR, even if the Sony product sales outweigh the combined Oculus Rift e HTC Vive. It is clear that the reason is fundamentally to be found in the price of the models and the demand for the hardware necessary for their use (HTC and Oculus do not have user friendly requests). Furthermore, we must not forget that the PS4 starts from the great advantage of having already in itself conquered a large slice of the market with its almost 4 million sales in the UK alone. Furthermore, as we could also see in the review made by Fraws, the VR PlayStation has very little to envy to its colleagues for PCs, so it is more attractive for those who have no desire to spend too much money and still take advantage of cutting-edge technology. .

In addition, there is already the fact that the sales of the Sony viewer games are also on the rise with nine titles already present in the UK's top 40.

In short, it is quite clear that the data is still very partial and concerns a comparatively small market compared to European or world market, but the trend is not to be underestimated and at the moment it seems that the PS4 can represent that vehicle, somewhat of all, through which virtual realities could enter into our homes in the future.