On the occasion of both the Christmas period and the thirtieth anniversary of activity, Ubisoft has in the pipeline, to celebrate, an initiative not bad. In fact, starting from the November 24, the campaign will begin 30 Days of Giveaways:  during these thirty days (the campaign will end with 23 UbisoftDecember) players can get games and digital content, plus a set of discounts on a selection of items in the store Ubisoft.

There are so many ways and varieties: there will be console and mobile games, discounts, extra of all kinds or even unique items. Some bids will be fixed, others will change every day or will be in limited time, some until stock lasts, others only for some countries: the absolute advice is therefore to visit the website often (where, of course, you will be logged in with your account : it will suffice to have one to access the bids). THU the announcement in its entirety.

Findings of this kind are not new in Ubisoft's home, which has always been looking for "nice and unusual" ways to keep alive their own initiatives. In any case, judgment on the big colossus does not change ...hopefully it is a good time to recover something after all the money you give!