This year's expedition to the Websummit has also ended. If you want to know why we go to this fair that does not stand out especially in the eyes of gamers, you have to understand that it is precisely from these contexts that sometimes arise gaming phenomena that then overwhelm the market, good and bad. web summit and pdvAs I wander through the stands, I realize how it's becoming really impossible not to notice how VR, Robotics and Gaming are starting to work ever closer and smarter and it's becoming increasingly clear that, willy-nilly, we're about to enter a new era, and gaming is certainly not less. I can confirm with increasing certainty that the study and the sensorial experiences with the viewers are increasingly aiming towards a gamification approach, but now let's move on to the tastiest part for us Gamer. As I already mentioned in a previous post on Facebook there is a nice project in the pipeline and is already available in Spanish, his name is TGX. It is a system that pTGX dev teamwill allow you to use all the software you have on all your favorite platforms (Steam, origin,, etc ...) without having to switch every time by closing and opening individual applications. Today there are about 15.000 members, almost all Spaniards, but soon they should expand both in Portugal and in Italy. After talking to me I found that they have serious intentions of expansion on our territory and if this should really happen you can rest assured that we will update regularly on this product. It 'a system that I think of the revolutionary, as in addition to allowing you to switch between the various titles without any problem or loss of time, it also guarantees the possibility of making personal tournaments with awards determined by you or even joining organized sanctioned tournaments from bigger realities. In short it seems to be the El Dorado of any PC gamer and honestly seeing it in action I could personally appreciate the features. Really a great job.

Now let's go to national pride, i SolidColor. Italian guys who have embarked on the road that every good old-fashioned player has always dreamed of as a child, playing a video game cSolidColoron the graphics of a film. Honestly, the project is in the embryonic phase, I would even say before a prealpha, but the conditions to make a great product are all there (investors if you are listening, these guys deserve your money). The thing that most impressed me about this project are its (almost infinite) applications, from learning for the little ones, to the possibility of creating real interactive films with different endings depending on the choices you make within the history. The difficulties certainly are not lacking, because as you can imagine every single thing must be turned with 360 ° cameras and above all with an 360 ° audio then for example to generate titles that have at least two different endings could become the titanic enterprise of turning two completely different films. However their goodwill, technical skill and creativity have given life to this reality very, very, very beautiful.

In the final, but certainly not least, I want to point out an application that we all have always thought about, but that's hardly then someone has achieved with this level of detail. Who has not played Magic The Gathering at least once? (if you did not do it I would advise you to provide xD as soon as possible). Anyway I'm talking about MTG Manager. Guys, the satisfaction I felt when I saw this app I could not describe it, simple, straightforward, easy to use, and with really bad features. Anyone who plays or played Magic knows how complex it can be to recall and organize all of their collection in a consistent and dynamic way, especially when the cards begin tomagic the gathering managermany years after years of honored service. Here this software solves all your problems (like the knives mirale blade ahahahah). Automatically scans your cards and translates them from any language into English, automatically adds them to your collection, compares the value of the cards you have with current market prices, allows you to build your deck directly on the app, it gives you the curve of the mana of your deck and above all tells you the value of your collection updated in real time (we were not even in the bag). In short it is the perfection for the collector, the serial player and the shopkeeper. They too have large expansion projects with the use of the cloud and the ability to translate scanned cards in many languages, as well as in English and many other features that, honestly, have left me really amazed. Unfortunately, the app is currently available only for iOS, but in the near future it should become available on Android.

In short, the good guys in the summit are that with these people you can talk to us, confront them and understand what the difficulties and ideas are that they are pursuing their goals or why choices are made that maybe to the public may seem unmanageable. While I was on the stand I talked to many developers and of course there have been many exchanges of views even on previously released games and several titles more or less blossomed. At that point I stopped thinking and I thought that if HelloGames instead of being phagocyted by Sony pursued its goals in a more "natural" way, maybe it would not have collected all those criticisms that are still demolishing it today. In short, even in the gaming world, work hard and avoid stupid shortcuts can give great results, congratulations to WebSummit that embodies this spirit very well and always transmits it to all of its participants.

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