Here it is as is now customary with the monthly news concerning the anniversary of Aunt Bubisoft. I must admit that it is still giving good games, and that's why the promotional campaign is gaining a deserved success, although the games we give are not best sellers absolute but still great and enjoyable games that have remained in the hearts of many, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time so to name one.

This month, of course, we throw it off Uplay on PC, we will receive the standalone mode of gift Far Cry, Blood Dragon.

Neon, fulminate and cross-linked, maccheffigata!
Neon, fulminate and cross-linked, maccheffigata!

A damn game Kung Fury, dissecting, with neon, disc, 80 years, vulgarity and a protagonist so much as Duke Nukem.

What to say, he deserves boys, he deserves it. The game will become free for a month from 9 November, until then the gift title will be Beyond Good and Evil. And yet this is a plaything, trust me I'm a Nerdineer.

Since I'm good I'll leave the link too that at the time in which I write it is inaccessible for a high volume of traffic, if you do not trust, do a research on GUGOL to go to the site of the thirtieth of Bubisoft.

Have fun!