On the page Facebook of the American house software has just emerged a new image, which would seem to leave no room for further misunderstanding: Rockstar Games is working on a new project related to the series of Red Dead.

There were no official announcements, but the communication could arrive at any moment, as well as the screams and shouts of the biggest fans following the series from the times of Red Dead Revolver of 2004.
To date, six years have passed since the publication of Red Dead Redemption su PlayStation 3 e Xbox 360: what moves will take Rockstar Games in the production of this highly anticipated title?
It is only a matter of hours before the long awaited revelation dazzles the most convinced lovers of the series.

In the meantime we can not help but wait for further updates. To make the wait sweeter we are attaching the beautiful image published by the US software house on its official Facebook profile.