As the title suggests, the final (or moment?) Verdict on COD: Modern Warfare Remastered arrives from the official website. These are the words about: "You need Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to have Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. Modern Warfare Remastered is a complete downloadable game (the game disk must be inserted in order to play). "

So destroyed the intention (which, as understood, was of many) to be able to buy the last chapter of the saga Call Of Duty, and then sell it immediately after downloading the Remastered of the most famous title. With the obligation to have the disc inserted in the console to play with it (although it is a separate game), Activision strongly reiterates the line held so far: the games are inseparable and bound to each other.

I can understand how to take advantage of Modern Warfare's urge and nostalgia to try selling the new title (which maybe will not even be dropped), but the question that Activision should ask is taken for granted: how come there are so many people ready to buy Infinite Warfare ONLY to play MW? And, perhaps, try to find an answer between all the mistakes made in management in the Call of Duty saga.