No Man's Sky: the most controversial and discussed topic of this 2016. Following the achievement of the record as the most successful launch on Steam this year, the title of Hello Games is about to win a new award that is far from enjoyable: the game with the fastest dropout rate ever.

During the very first days after the launch of the English software house title, the count of users simultaneously connected to the game marked 212.600 players. Today the numbers are very different, with a count showing a number of users below 1000. On No Man's Sky there has been a lot of discussion for various reasons: from the infinite universe to excessively similar assets, from galactic battles to travel to resell the materials acquired on a planet, from space exploration to the heaviest boredom. But above all: from a project capable of giving life to something really new to the broken promises and the disappointment of the greatest lovers of space exploration.

Since before the title came out it was known that it was aimed at a particular type of gamer: that user who does not expect action and frenzy but, on the contrary, calm and exploration. Up to this point there was nothing to complain about the title; pity that, however, all the beautiful promises made by Hello Games have turned out to be untrue.

This news is surely not unexpected, especially considering that after just over a week after the release of the Steam marked about 25.000 users, that is, a number of players equal to one tenth of that present on the release day.

As if that was not enough, it would appear that the main proponent of title news, Sean Murray, has totally disappeared from the web. If, before the release, the project founder tweeted daily, now, about a month and a half after the release, we can see that his last contact with the public is dated 18th August, just over a month ago.

We can consider No Man's Sky dead and buried? Or Hello Games Will you regain the confidence of your users by renaming the title with more content? We can only wait for new news and wait for the twitter profile of the project's founder to emerge from this ingenious and annoying lethargic.